The Four Pillars of Management

Concord Management has provided management services to private owners, cooperatives, and condominiums in New York City and Long Island.  We pride ourselves in the services we provide which result in increased collections, low expenses and improved building services.  

Concord Management focuses on the four major areas of property management responsibilities:

  1. Tenant Occupancy & Collections

  2. Financial Analysis

  3. Physical Site Management

  4. File Administration & Regulatory Compliance

Tenant Occupancy & Collections

Understanding a tenant's needs is very important as a property manager. Our team handles all tenants’ issues including; repair requests, monitoring lease requirements, timely rent collection, vacancy preparation and rent-up. Our residents can pay their rent online which saves time, money and the hassle of mailing residents and increases collections for our owners. Our full time collections staff is utilized to review each delinquency on a tenant by tenant basis. This is a critical element in insuring cost effectiveness and success of all legal actions.

File Administration & Regulatory Compliance

Concord keeps meticulous records of accounting, compliance, maintenance and residential files.  We strictly follow all regulatory agreements and HCR regulations. We specialize in HOME and Tax Credit compliance and file RPIE's with design on lowering your real estate tax assessment.

All vacancies are quickly prepared for occupancy and immediately rented improving your cash flow. Concord evaluates each vacant units legal rent to determine whether it is at or below market. An analysis is completed to determine if a capital improvement would allow the rent to be brought up to current market rates.  If approved, the capital improvement is performed timely and within budget to improve your income.

Financial Analysis

Our 25 plus years of experience in the development, construction and management of over 200 buildings in NYC provides us with a vast experience in analyzing operating expenses. This helps us prepare better budgets and watch your bottom line.  We have a firm knowledge of the financial issues properties in New York City face and devise creative plans to overcome deficiencies. We routinely analyze all operating expenses to determine where savings could be realized.  By pricing all purchases and repairs with multiple vendors and subcontractors, we can lower costs in order to maximize profits. We review utility bills to see if the building has water leaks or can benefit from DEP's MCP Program. We work with many oil suppliers to keep heating costs down. Owners receive monthly reports indicating the current financial status.

Physical Site Management

Having a well maintained clean building and quickly responding to tenant complaints promotes a pleasant living environment while preventing violations, ERP Charges and HQS failures.  Our maintenance department handles all repair issues and apartment inspections. Tenants can contact our 24 hour service hotline for any emergencies. Concord Management closely monitors the quality of all repairs and maintenance.