Michael Rooney Jr.

Michael Rooney Jr. is the Chief Operating Officer of Concord. Michael received his BA in Finance from Pace University and has been working in the real estate industry ever since. Michael has overseen large scale development projects across NYC and has successfully managed buildings through extensive tenant-in-place renovations. However, Michael's strength is transforming distressed properties with excessive violations and compliance issues into valuable assets. He accomplishes this by his firm belief that sound management procedures can overcome every property management problem.

Michael Rooney Sr.

Michael Rooney Sr. has successfully overseen the development of over 700 distressed properties over the past twenty-five years. His greatest management skill is being able to look at a building's financial statements and immediately know where improvement to the bottom line can be made. He has been responsible for the redevelopment of over 12,500 units of housing in New York City and is an expert in turning around distressed properties that appeared to have no hope of being saved.

Nicola DeAcetis

Nicola DeAcetis, AIA, has successfully designed and rehabilitated scores of buildings in the New York City area. Nicks responsibilities include property needs assessments and over seeing the maintenance department. His extensive construction and architectural experience is the reason you can be secure that your building will be well taken care of.

LoriAnne Elgart

LoriAnne Elgart is the Vice-President of Accounting.  Lori has over 20 years’ experience in accounting for real estate owners. Her greatest value is recognizing budget variances and reporting them to our property managers for investigation. This is especially important with rising utility costs.  Her experience covers all aspects of management and accounting including budget preparation, cash flow analysis, property tax and assessment review, and financial reporting. Lori insures that  all our clients’ goals are being met by monitoring the financial status and income potential of each property.